Friday – Day 24

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Friday – Day 24


By Renée Bodkin

I must say –  Friday is fabulous.

Being a teacher, I have always looked forward to Friday.  It means that I’ve made it successfully through another work week, pay day is on Friday, the weekend is here and that equates to 2 whole days with family (and friends).  I am fortunate to have a regular work week where I can enjoy weekends and evenings with my family. My gratitude for Friday is for all of this — it sums it all up.


I actually reconsidered expressing my gratitude for Friday, thinking I should save it for another future Friday but you know what… TODAY that is what moved me as I showered and dressed and got ready for the freezing, cold day ahead… the fact that it was indeed Friday motivated me.  Driving home in the blustery, snowy, windy freezingness (yes, another made up word)… I was indeed grateful it was Friday.  I call my Mom most days on my way home from work and today we both were grateful for Friday.  She was home doing laundry and staying warm and I expressed my contentedness (is that a real word??) in the fact that I would have warm, cozy jammie pants on in less than 10 minutes.


Being home with my family, with nowhere to go, with the weekend ahead of me… I am grateful. 

Until tomorrow…
Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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