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November – Month of Gratitude

 November – Month of Gratitude


By Renee Bodkin

Hey… it’s November!!


The month of gratitude.

Facebook will be littered with people sharing what they are grateful for.  If you are one of those “Gratitude Sharers” — awesome!!


A month of gratitude.  A day of gratitude (Thanksgiving).  A year of gratitude.  Or gratitude as a mindset — a lifetime of gratitude.  Embrace gratitude in whatever form you want because any day that is Blessed with gratitude is a good day.


My 365 mission has been kinda converted or stalled.  I don’t consider it a failure, just a change. I had to be realistic in what I was able to do.  So I blog about my gratitude.  And I blog about my life.  And often they are intertwined.  I don’t blog daily — I blog when I feel compelled to write.


So… I challenge all of you to live a life of gratitude.  And whenever you are motivated to share your gratitude with others — share it, acknowledge it, and cherish the simple pleasures along this crazy journey called life!




Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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