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A Bad Day

A Bad Day

By Renee Bodkin

I don’t normally write about our bad days.  Because really, who wants to read about that crap!  Yes.  I swore.  But after you read about this day, you’ll agree — it is crap. 


I wrote about a VERY GOOD DAY yesterday — our day at the Skylon Tower.  Well, the day before we went to the Skylon Tower was what can be described as: 

The Bodkins and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. 

Good news — misery loves company.  We all have horrible days.  And… the beauty of those days is coming through them and moving forward. 


We started the day in typical “good day” fashion — we planned to do 3 things – #1 – go check on the Bounder since it’s in storage, #2 – go to the movies, and #3 – go to dinner.  Well… off we went on a good weather (considering it was the end of December) kind of day.  We headed out to the storage facility and BAM!!  Bad news — someone had attempted to break into our motor home!  🙁  *sad face*    So… the lock was damaged and BAM!! We couldn’t get into it.  🙁  **double sad face** The door is damaged too since they seemingly tried to use a pry bar of sorts to get in as well.  

We called to file a police report and waited.   And waited.  Who knew so much was going on in the Youngstown/Lewiston area.  Thankfully a state trooper finally arrived and took our report.  So… now what to do??  We had to get in because we weren’t going to keep it there because who knew if they (whomever tried breaking in) would be back to try to finish the job.  So we called a lock company.  Then waited some more for them. 

All the while; keep in mind; we have the 3 boys with us with nothing to do. 

The lock guy got there and got the lock off (and opened) and we got in.  The money we planned to spend at the movies was spent on the lock guy. Oh joy.  The inside looked fine. Hooray!  *sigh* Then… key into ignition and nada.  Nothing.  The dang thing wouldn’t start.  We’ve had this problem before.  There must be something wrong (or maybe we are doing something wrong) but… we ran the generator and finally after another 30 or so minutes  — it started.  Hooray.  **big sigh**

We got it going and moved it to a new undisclosed location (thanks Cioci) where we have eyes on it (for the time being).  This took ALL AFTERNOON.  From noonish until around 5:00. 

We were so tired and emotionally spent, we decided to call it a day and go home.  We grabbed food from Favorite’s (our favorite pizza/sub place) and ate at home.  *big sigh of relief*  What a day!?  

Then — once home after we had eaten and had settled in for the rest of the night — the boys decided it was a good time to have a knockdown, blow out fight.  I don’t remember the particulars but I know it ended in screaming and crying and an unhappy family.  You wonder after going through a day like this… why does this stuff happen to me… could anything go right?  Can it get much worse?  All rhetorical questions because I know despite it all — it could have been worse and some things did go right.  And… misery love company.  We all have bad day.  We learned from it and we made up for it the next day by having a fantastic day.  Now… that’s how you do it. 

What a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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