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A “Normal” Day on Day 33

A Normal Day on Day 33

By Renée Bodkin


After some pretty intense days, today was a “normal” day for me.  And for that, I am grateful.

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In the past, I wouldn’t find gratitude in this “normalcy” because it was in fact a pretty “normal” kind of day.

Alarm goes off, get ready for the day but for work and for the boys’ school day, help Philip with a few things before I dashed off to work.  Work was a “normal” kind of day, too.  I wasn’t too sure if I’d be at work today so I had “sub work” prepared.  This made for a low-stress work day.  Lots of independent work for the students so I could get grades finished up since they are due tomorrow.  Yep, this girl is a procrastinator.  Work day done to come home to some more “normal” — helped the boys finish up some school work then I actually rested a bit because I didn’t have to cook dinner (thank you, Mary Beth… the mac and cheese was perfect and the boys LOVED it).  Then off to Cub Scouts where I actually didn’t have to run my Webelos II den meeting because I have great friends.  Our friend, Mr Stouter, gave a fabulous interactive presentation for the boys’ Readyman pin.  They did first aid stuff and I was “off the hook”.  Thanks Steve!!  Then home for prep for tomorrow.  Boys have homeschool gym and swim at the Y which Grammy has fortunately agreed to take them to tomorrow. **Blog edit** Grammy is off the hook and Mr Stouter is taking the Bodkin boys to gym/swim.   I organized some bills and here I am… blog writing.Now off to make lunches for the Bodkin and Stouter boys for tomorrow.

So yes, I am grateful for a normal day.  Albeit the overtiredness (yes I made up that word) and overwhelmedness (that word too) and my hubby who is slowly recuperating… I am grateful for all the little things that got me through my day “normally”.



Until tomorrow…
Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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