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A Year of Gratitude. Day One.

A Year of Gratitude. Day One.

By Renée Bodkin


Yes, I know it’s technically the 2nd but I really did write this yesterday so it counts. 

365 Grateful.  It’s about reflection and gratitude.  The goal is daily. 

Photos.  Words. Lists.  All of it.

Cuddling with Lucian and MaxToday I am grateful for:

A new year.


The opportunity to always “try again.”

Cuddling with Lucian and Max watching a movie.

Waking up with Philip.  

A cozy, warm house with the ones I love.


No resolutions for me.  Just lots of goals.  Healthy living. Weight loss.

Better routine.  Budgeting.  Vacations.  Calmness in the midst of chaos.

Communication.  Spiritual growth.  Organization of stuff.

This is just a laundry list of some of my goals.  This is a work in progress… Welcome to this journey.

Amusing comments from my boys today:

Mom to Lucian: “What’s up?”  “Uhhh the ceiling.”  (Matter of factly)

And, that’s it.  My first blog post.  And my first day of sharing my gratitude. 

Photo and all.  Yes, it was a “selfie” hence why poor lil Lucian’s head is cut off. 

Until tomorrow…
Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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  1. A year of gratitude is an excellent idea. Welcome to the blogging world, and I wish you the very best. By the way, your site looks so nice, I love the purple!

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