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Access to Water – Day 135

Access to Water – Day 135

By Renee Bodkin

Have you ever heard someone complain about the “drinking water” in their community?  How it’s not so good?  How it tastes funny?  I have.  Recently I had a conversation with someone who was not happy with their water.  And I thought, I did not say (maybe I should have), “WE HAVE WATER!” 

And gosh, I am grateful for that water. 

The water may not be the “best” to drink.  But it’s still drinkable.  And… we use this water for so much more — showering, cleaning dishes, and laundry.  Those are my top 3 uses.  And… yes… drinking.

There are places in this world where there is NO drinkable water. Water is one of life’s necessities and we are fortunate enough to have water!  So I will never complain when in fact, WE HAVE WATER!



Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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