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All I Want For Christmas…

All I Want For Christmas…


By Renee Bodkin



This is an interesting blog post for me.  I usually write about what I’m grateful for, today I’m writing about my wants.  Tis’ the season for giving… and I am surely a giver.   But today it’s all about my wants.   Some of this may be completely unrealistic and unreasonable. Some are simple and some necessities.  But hey, I can want what I want and this is MY blog so MY list. 


1.  I want people to be kinder. Kindness. Is it so much to ask?


2.  I want the people in my house to do things without me having to ask. I hate being a nag. I hate hearing my voice saying the same thing over and over again. Initiative. I want them to take initiative and do things to help our family and help our household and understand why it’s important to do these things and care about doing these things.


3.  Organization. I want it. And need it. Like now. I am a “wanna-be” organized person. I have the potential to be a “real” organized person.


4.  I want the ability to clone myself. Enough said.


5.  I want a cure to all of these stupid diseases – cancer and diabetes are at the top of the list.


6.  I want more patience. On the outside, I am a seemingly patient person. People even comment how I am “so patient”. I am not. I always feel like I am on the edge and ready to flip out.


7.  I want to lose weight (again). I will get this. Somehow. But I also want a personal trainer – dangit – I want my old personal trainer but he went and got a silly scientist job.


8.  I want my Christmas shopping to be done. Magic wand. Clickitty-click. Done.


9.  I want to travel. I want the time and finances to just “get up and go”. We bought a mobile home this year. It’s awesome. It has so much potential. We have so many places on our list of places we want to visit. I want to just jump in it and go. I want to start checking off places on the list!


10.  Then when we get home from an awesome family adventure. I want to go on vacation without my kids. With just my husband.


11.  And then I want to be pampered. Waited on. Hair and nails done. Massage. A shopping spree. Meals prepared. All of it.


12.  I want a personal assistant in my classroom. I need someone to correct papers and keep them in neat piles. Does this go back to that whole “organization” thing I mentioned above? I do believe so.


13.  I want more hours in my day. Though I am afraid if I was granted this “wish”, I would still be over-busy and over-tired and lacking in time. This may go back to that cloning thing!?


14.  I want to write in my blog daily. Daily, I say. I’ve done it before, I can do it again.


15.  Cords and phone chargers. I want the people in my house to be responsible for their stuff –specifically their electronics.   Keep your laptop cords and phone cords and Kindle cords and whatever other cords we are always looking for and fighting over – organized.


16.  I want a house where I don’t have to stress over leaves and snow. Too many leaves. Too much snow on a silly dead-end street where it’s impossible to park in my inclined driveway when there is more than 4 inches of snow. But you see, the “dream” house has other “must haves” – first floor bedroom and bathroom, dishwasher, at least four bedrooms so we can split up the kids and still have a home office… different location.


17.  But since I am where I am, I want my rugs cleaned. I want a cleaning fairy to show up weekly and clean my bathrooms and my kitchen floor. A folding fairy, too.


18.  I want Ben and Luc to become intrinsic learners.  I want them to find the motivation within themselves to learn independently. To seek knowledge. This isn’t something you can force on someone. They have to want it. They have to value the information, value the process of learning. Don’t get me wrong, they are good learners – per se – I just want them to dig deeper.


19.  I want Seb to get a full scholarship to the private Catholic high school that he wants to go to. He *is* an intrinsic learner and he will flourish in this educational environment if given the opportunity.


20.  I want a day of calm. I love the hustle and bustle of our life but I want – no, I need – a day to not worry or stress and just relax and enjoy my hubby and boys.


21.  I want those who are hurting to not hurt – physically or emotionally. Gosh, my heart breaks for those who are hurting.



Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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