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Allergies, Appointments, and a Busy Day!

Allergies, Appointments, and a Busy Day!

By Renee Bodkin


Coughing until I can barely breathe, sneezing fits where I wonder if it will ever stop, itchy nose and eyes, and just feeling like crud.  Seemingly every spring and fall I go through this on and off and blame it on allergies.  But… I’ve never been to an allergist and I’ve never really determined what specifically is causing these feelings of unwell-ness.  Finally today I have answers.  I went to the allergist and low and behold found out what I’ve assumed all along — I am allergic to a laundry list of things!  Ragweed, pollen, dust and dust mites, mold, and weeds and trees.  And Cats and Dogs.  That last one is not good since our little Max isn’t going anywhere.  So now I will start treating the symptoms and minimizing some of the things I’m allergic to.  Anyone free to come DUST my home???   The problem is… they suggest keeping windows open for some of my allergies and windows closed for other allergies so I’m damned either way.  Max the Dog will be bathed weekly.  I’m an outdoor kinda person and I’m allergic to lots of outdoor stuff.  They suggested I shower and wash my hair after being outdoors and before going to bed. 


Then since my long allergy appointment wasn’t “enough” I met Philip and the boys at the dentist (all 3 boys had cleanings) then we all went to Williamsville for Philip’s endocrinologist appointment.  I felt like I needed to go to Philip’s appointment with him since he has multiple issues going on — thyroid levels are still off the charts (with no idea why so they upped his thyroid meds) and his blood sugar levels won’t come down despite the fact that his insulin pump is constantly pumping insulin into him.  He needs to get these things dealt with and I needed to hear what his doctor suggested.  So the result was a change in meds and change in insulin pump levels and a revisit in 2 months so God willing things start to look better in that time period. 


The benefits of homeschooling — the boys were so good — they had a bag of books and they worked quietly while they were at the dentist then again at the endocrinologist.  Lucian finished his work so he asked the secretary for extra paper and since he just learned exponents (not because it was curriculum based but because he was learning “order of operation” the other day and I explained PEMDAS.  He  had learned multiplication/division, addition/subtraction, and parentheses.  Not exponents. So he said, “Teach me that, too!”  So I did.   So yesterday he learned 4 to the 2nd power.  Today he was computing 3 to the 11th power!!!  So neat to see them embracing learning! 


Needless to say, today was a busy day.  Throw in there a quick stop at our wonderful sewing lady’s house to get pants hemmed and 12 badges/patches sewn onto sashes/uniforms!   We ended up having an early dinner (or late lunch) at Buffalo Wild Wings then getting home with just enough time for the boys to get into uniform for their Boy Scout meeting.   


Hey… I just realized I should turn this into a GRATEFUL POST!  I am grateful for answers — to my allergy issues and hopefully to some of Philip’s medical concerns.




Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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