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An Evening with My Hubby – Day 49

An Evening with My Hubby – Day 49

By Renée Bodkin


Life has been crazy busy!!  Philip and I have next to no time alone.  And Grandma T has been missing the Bodkin Boys immensely since we haven’t gone out, she hasn’t babysat.  So we planned an evening out.  Yes, it’s a Wednesday but it was what worked in our crazy busy lives. 

It was a nice evening.  We got a car wash (yes, that is exciting in my book since the car was filthy) then went to dinner at Panera Bread.  Panera is such a pleasant, quiet place to enjoy dinner and enjoy each others company.  We each got different sandwiches and split them with each other.  Very yummy and very filling.  We also splurged and got the $1.00 special dessert baked good…. 2 delicious muffins which we split as well!  It was a nice, unrushed meal.  No hurrying to get anywhere.  After that we did a little bit of shopping — again no hurrying or rushing around.  Quality time well spent! 

Panera Bread

Now home and ready to curl up in bed next to my honey for the night.  

I am grateful for this evening with my Philip.


Until tomorrow…
Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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