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Another Day Home & Homeschooling – Day 8

Another Day Home & Homeschooling – Day 8

by Renee Bodkin


Another day home.  Yes, I have now had 18 days off of work in the past 19 days.   No School

Whenever people complain about being a teacher, I just shake my head because as much as sometimes the job can be difficult and frustrating (with changing standards and challenging students), I will never complain because the pros far, far out weight the cons. 

Due to the freezing cold temps, the school district was closed again today. 

Which was a blessing for me because I got to spend the day home —- TEACHING!!  Ahhh, the irony.





At some point; in the near future;  I will write a blog explaining our decisions to homeschool the Bodkin boys. 


But for today, I just want to say that I am so grateful for this opportunity to homeschool our boys.   

Their routines are fairly set though we’ve changed some things with the “back to school” after the “vacation” (yes, they did take 2 weeks off). 

So, today was a fantastic opportunity for me to spend some quality time with each of the boys working with them on some of their school work.  Lucian was up early and getting his 30 minutes of reading done before he even at breakfast.  He’s reading The Hobbit and is completing a pretty interesting “unit study” that goes along with it.  The house was quiet so I took that opportunity to sit down with him and go over some of his math – he’s using Khan Academy.  It’s motivating and he’s finding great success earning points and badges and mastering new concepts!  We worked for a solid hour on math!!   The beauty of homeschooling is that they are self-motivated and move at their own pace.  Today was evidence of that as he checked off concept after concept!  And heck, working in his jammies on this cold day was just a bonus!   Sebastian then finally Benjamin got up and rolling on their work.  It was nice to be home and be the one to monitor their progress and help as needed. 

That – today – is what I was grateful for!

Lucian Homeschool


Until tomorrow…
Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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