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Art Class for the Boys – Day 65

Art Class for the Boys – Day 65

By Renee Bodkin


I am grateful for Art Classes for the Bodkin Boys. 

Homeschooling is going well.  This is our first year of it and we are constantly learning — all of us — the boys, Philip who is home with them all day (God Bless Him), and myself as I am the one who is guiding what specifically they are learning.  It has been an interesting, exciting process.  I know some people don’t agree with our choice to homeschool.  I know family who doesn’t agree with it.  But until you see the BENEFITS and “pros”, you best not judge.  I feel strongly that they are growing in a direction that is better for them and their future.

That being said — Art is one of those subjects that needs to be taught and learned but until we started these art classes at the Albright Know Art Gallery, I didn’t feel like the boys were gaining as much as they could have been.  This class meets once a month with other homeschool kids.  They learned about art in a time in history, walk around the museum and actually see examples of art that they learned about, then they transfer their learning to a project that relates to what they learned.  They have used different mediums – paint, pastels, cardboard blocks to create a sculpture.

We’ve gone on a snow day (for the public schools), on a day that was -20 windchill, and just a normal winter’s day.  Hopefully the next 3 sessions will be better for a day out in Buffalo.  It would be nice to go to one of the parks or the botanical gardens.  Tell me that this isn’t learning?  Experiences make and shape who you are!!  And I’m so grateful for the experiences we are giving our boys!

Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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