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Awareness. Observation. Challenges. Day 22.

Awareness. Observation. Challenges. Day 22.

by Renee Bodkin




In addition to having increased gratitude along this journey.  I can already see a difference in myself.


My awareness and observation is more keen.  I notice the new artwork in the hallway outside the art classrooms.  I notice the vibrant colors and details in that artwork with appreciation and admiration that high school students are willing to make beautiful work.   


The morning after writing about my gratitude for my senses I was walking into school, the wind  was whipping around, it was so overwhelming it caught my breath (you know it’s cold when it does that).  I wasn’t the only one, as I walked in with a colleague she observed the same thing.  We walked into the warm building to the sound of the high school band practicing – quite loudly – almost too loudly.  Again, an overwhelmingness (yes, I just made up that word) hits me with the deafening sound of the band.  We joked that “at least it was good noise”.  Continue our walk down the hall and bam… the aroma of chocolate chip cookies.  The Entrepreneur Club sells them every day.  Yikes, it was smelly – in a chocolatey, chippy, cookie goodness kind of way although fortunately for me, I have no problem resisting that sweetness at 7:30 in the morning.  At that point my co-worker laughed and said, “Our senses just got a wake up call!”  I laughed and agreed and marveled at the irony of this experience considering I had just written about being aware of our senses.  I do believe that things happen for a reason.


And Challenges.

Awareness and observation — often a Blessing of Gratitude — sometimes a challenge.   I won’t share examples of these “challenges” — just know they’re the typical annoyances and stressors of the daily grind — because we all have them.  I will share how I’m coping with this heightened awareness of these “challenges” though.  I’m cursing them (a few choice words from time to time even in the quiet of my head) and then I’m thanking God for them.  Yes, I’m grateful for the challenges in my life because they help me reach out to God.  I’m grateful for the challenges because they make the Blessings all the more appreciated. 

Like just now, for example, I had this overwhelming feeling come over me as I typed that last sentence and the Serenity Prayer popped into my head.  Always a favorite prayer of mine…

Serenity Prayer


Until tomorrow…
Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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