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Being A Godmother to Grace – Day 125

Being A Godmother to Grace – Day 125

By Renee Bodkin


How lucky am I???  I have 3 amazing boys.  AND… I am Godmother to my beautiful and talented and sweet niece, Grace.

She’s a sweetie.  She’s funny, happy, kind, and a super-duper talented dancer.  She’s 10.  She is all-girl.  Loves nail polish (like her awesome Godmother).  Loves dancing (like her awesome Godmother).  She’s spunky.  She’s an awesome big sister to her adorable little sister, Alissa.  And she’s an awesome cousin (to all of her cousins) but specifically to my Benjamin.  She and Ben are closest in age – only 6 months separate them.  They are funny because they have this unspoken supportiveness.  Gosh, I love that!

GraceToday I  took time out of my crazy busy schedule to go see Grace dance in a competition.   She did great.  She did a tap duet.  She’s a fantastic tap dancer!   She was in a small group performance (jazz, I think).  Then most of her classes performed as well.  It was so much fun watching her dance.  Here’s a picture of Grace and her friend with their trophy for tap.  Then a picture of her small group (she’s in purple).

Tap Award Grace Dance

Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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