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Bonding with Ben – Day 74

Bonding with Ben – Day 74

By Renee Bodkin

Ben had his first meeting at Troop 630 last night.  He was excited and nervous all wrapped up in one.  Believe it or not, he’s quite shy when he’s not comfortable in a situation.  So Philip decided that since he’ll be working at the troop’s spaghetti dinner this weekend we should get him a uniform that is appropriate and helps him fit in since he’s the only new Scout (the other new boys are all from Pack 630). 

After work today, I took Ben on an adventure of sorts.  The main goal was to go to the Scout Shop at GNFC to get his new uniform but we had a variety of stops along the way!  Because seriously, when is life ever dull?! 

We stopped on Grand Island to grab troop numbers from Mr. Swagler.  Snow was blowing and blustery and we timed our arrival perfectly as he was outside grabbing them from his car! Score!  And we were back on our way!!  Off to Niagara Chocolate to pick up a donation for the spaghetti dinner for the troop.  What’s a stop at a chocolate shop without a little chocolate!!  Score!  We got Niagara Chocolate candy bars and Ben got some cute pencil toppers because well… it was our afternoon together.  Then… to the main event.  Uniform shopping!    This went well.  We found him a shirt, pants, hat, and some other miscellaneous scout stuff.  $150 dollars later (a pair of pants for Seb, too)… and we were done.  Out into the blustery, snowy cold… and off to Barnes and Noble.  I’ve been meaning to go to Barnes and Noble for a couple weeks now so this worked out well.  I grabbed some new workbooks to supplement some of the boys’ learning and Ben found some Pokémon cards he’s been wanting so again… score!   Then onward… we were getting stuff done.  Checking stops off our list while having some good Mommy and Ben time.  Quick stop to Janet the sewing lady to drop off Ben’s shirt and pants, another quick stop to drop off the chocolate donation.

Then Pizza Amore on Grand Island for some dinner to take home.  Philip hasn’t eaten much of anything for over 2 weeks and dinner is the first time he could have what he wanted so I got him a yummy buffalo chicken pizza and a regular pizza for the boys and I.  While we waited there was Karaoke…. I talked Ben into going up and singing!!  This is so out of Ben’s comfort zone and I was so proud of him!  He did a great job.  Ironically, he sang Imagine Dragon’s Radioactive.  He was so nervous but so proud when he finished and everyone clapped!! People even came up to him and said that he did a good job. 

All in all, a nice afternoon with my Benjamin.  And lots of errands ran!  🙂   GRATEFUL!


Until tomorrow…

. Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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