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Bowling for the Boys – Day 66

Bowling for the Boys – Day 66

By Renee Bodkin

Today I am grateful for “bowling for the boys”. 

Yes, it seems like a bit of a theme (if 2 days in a row counts as a theme but anyways). The boys bowl every Saturday morning.   They are a team.  Lucky them.  Sebastian could’ve aged up but he would’ve been very young in the next league up and then we’d spend double the amount of time at the bowling alley on the weekends and our weekends are busy enough as it is.  So, he bowls with his brothers against kids who are closer to his brothers’ ages.  And he’s okay with it.

They aren’t superstar bowlers.  We aren’t a bowling family.  I don’t completely understand how team scoring works and averages are computed (not the normal mathematical equation).  They bowl because it’s fun.  They bowl to meet new kids.  They bowl because it gives them a sport to learn how to grow individually and better themselves at.  They have their own bowling balls but they aren’t the best bowling balls. 

And that is what it’s all about.  Having fun.  Working together while bettering yourself individually.  Hanging out with other kids.

Today both Sebastian and Lucian got their highest scores ever.  Lucian got an 86.  Sebastian got a 163.  Ben did okay and he did something even more important than a high score — he was okay with the fact that his brother beat him (Lucian on their 2nd game) and he didn’t get upset that he was bowling so-so.  And this is a big deal.  Ben has trouble coping with stuff like that so for him to just have fun and not get worked up because of his “so-so” scores… makes me proud that he’s growing and learning. 

And did I mention, Sebastian got a 163.  Yikes, that’s pretty good.  And to keep him humble, his 2nd game he got an 84 (Lucian even beat him).  So… he too learned a lesson.  Be proud but also be humble. 

So… this is why I am grateful for bowling.




Until tomorrow…

. Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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