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Calm Before the Storm – Day 73

Calm Before the Storm – Day 73

By Renee Bodkin


This title may be misleading because today was LONG.  Really, really long.  And draining.  And overwhelming.  But… there is something I want to highlight.  And this… would be the “calm before the storm”.  Or maybe, better labeled the “calm within the storm”.

Today is the day Philip got his radioactive iodine.  I took the day off of work to be with him.  He had to be at Roswell at 7am.  We spent 8 hours there.   Bloodwork then a full body scan where he was in the scan for almost 2 hours — thank goodness for the yummy cafeteria — I got breakfast which worked well since Philip is on this low iodine diet and his dietary choices are limited so I feel guilty downing a yummy breakfast sandwich in front of him.    Then it was a bunch of waiting.  I’m not sure how long… about 3 hours of waiting for the “final appointment”.  And… this… was the “calm before the storm”.  Small Blessings. 

I was grateful today for that time with Philip.  We sat together.  He had a small lunch.  We talked.  We held hands.  And we just had quality time together.  That was a Blessing.  So… in the midst of chaos and stress and overwhelmingness… I still can find something… anything… to be grateful for.

After a super long wait, we met with the nuclear technician guy who was very thorough and friendly and helpful and then the doctor who was also informative… then he got his special radioactive pill.  Brought out in a lead container carried with a special purse holder thing. He took the pill, got “zapped” to measure his radioactivity, and off we went… NOT hand-in-hand.  A few feet apart.  And the isolation began.  He drove home and I sat in the backseat opposite him.  We figured better his “radioactive self” be where I would be sitting and not where the kids would be sitting.  Taking one for the team, I am.   

We stopped at Wegmans so I could drop off his new perscriptions then we went home.  I dropped him off and he entered “isolation central” (our bedroom, bathroom, office).  Thankfully Cioci was home with the boys all day so they got their work done and all was well.  Cioci is awesome because she does my dishes and folds the never-ending laundry.  I don’t expect her to do it but gosh am I ever grateful. 

Anyways… THEN… I went to my Dad’s house to help him (or maybe it was help my Uncle Bill?!).  He needed a little “TLC” or maybe it was tough love (he was a tad grumpy because the pain was pretty blah… and needed to be reminded in spite of being in loads of pain he needed to be nice to his caregiver, Uncle Bill).  Then… home to suit up the boys for Boy Scouts.  Ben was going to his first meeting at Troop 630.  Lucian was dragged along because well… I couldn’t leave him home.    I picked up their friend, Jonny, on the way… stopped at Wegmans to pick up the earlier dropped off scripts then picked up 2 more friends, Stephen and Patrick… then myself and 6 boys went to the meeting. 

Finally home at 9, I had to scrub the much neglected upstairs bathroom (formerly known as the boys’ bathroom but mine too this week so it had to be useable).   Then… I fixed Philip some dinner since he can’t leave “isolation central”.   And… then… finally… I hit the couch.  After what felt like the longest day ever.


Until tomorrow…

. Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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