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Camporee – Zombie Style – Day 132

Camporee – Zombie Style – Day 132

By Renee Bodkin


What a long day.  What a memorable and exciting day!  Did I mention what a long day!?

Yesterday Sebastian and Benjamin went with Troop 630 to the 2014 Spring Camporee for Polaris District at Veteran’s Park in Town of Niagara.  Philip also went to assist friend, Steve, who was the Health Officer.  So… Lucian and I went to check out their campsite and give them a few last minute things.  Then Lucian and I went home to sleep (thankfully because it was a chilly night).  We got up early and joined them at camp for the day.  Lucian, as a Webelos, was able to participate in the all camp activities with the troop.  Camp

The troop had about 30 boys camping.  They split up into 5 patrols, Sebastian leading one of the patrols, and headed off to do all of the super fun activities!  They had to gather points and avoid the Zombies — or get caught and “made” into a zombie.  As you can see from my pictures, Benjamin and a few of his friends  got CAUGHT!  They had a blast!  benBen and Friends

Sebastian worked with the OA to serve lunch.  Lucian and I ran home to feed and check on Max (and to warm up a bit).  Then back we went for an afternoon of scouting fun!

The evening was special because there was a Wood Badge Bead Ceremony at the closing campfire.   Just a great end to a great day!

Lucian went back to the troop’s campfire. Mr Swagler and Mr. Bates are amazing — I was ready to leave and they said, “Just stay a while longer so he can have snack with the boys!  They’ve had such a great day and it meant so much to Lucian to be included and welcomed with the “big boys”.   I am so proud of my boys!!  All 3 of them were great!  Philip and I had a great day, too!


 EDITED TO ADD THIS VIDEO:  (Sebastian can be spotted at :42 in the video).

Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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