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Celebrating – Day 88

Celebrating – Day 88

By Renee Bodkin


Today I am grateful for CELEBRATING!  Specifically Sebastian’s 13th birthday.

We celebrated Sebastian’s birthday on the 1st with the 5 of us, Gramma T and Cioci.  We had pizza and ice cream cake at home.  It was nice. Comfortable.  It was family.  He got money for Gramma and Cioci – they know this teenager would like to shop or save for camp.  Either way he can decide.   Thanks Gramma and Cioci!

Then today… we went to the Fuji Grill with the Wythe family. 19 of us around the hibachi grill tables!  9 kids – all of Sebastian’s cousins.  Grammy, Gapa, Uncle Bill, Aunt Anna, Aunt Bonnie, Aunt Marybeth, Uncle Rich, and Uncle Rick!  What a fun celebration!  Sebastian was in his element.  He’s a self-proclaimed foodie.  He eats sushi and sashimi and pretty  much any type of fish or meat around!  Today he splurged and got lobster hibachi!  Lucky boy!  Thanks to Gapa for helping make this big dinner celebration happen!  Thanks his Grammy for clothes and his aunts/uncles/cousins for gift cards and cash! He’s excited about spending his Regal, Amazon, Target gift cards!  He is a lucky boy!  

I am grateful for all of our family taking time out of their busy lives to celebrate Sebastian’s birthday!


Until tomorrow…

. Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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