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Coming Home – Day 32

Coming Home – Day 32

By Renée Bodkin

Grateful today for “coming home”.  It was just over 30 hours at Roswell… but that was enough.   The words “we are discharging you” were welcome to our ears.

Home for Philip is comfort and rest and more than that… it’s moving forward with this stupid “c” word.  Time to heal so in 6 weeks we can (he can) tackle the next phase of  treatment.  Home is Sebastian.  Home is Max.  The little boys are still camping.  Home is our own bed and the comfort of our cozy bedroom.  Home is sherbert and tea.  This is my view right now.  My sleeping hubby with Max glued to his legs.  Warms my heart.


Home for me is a refreshing bath and shower.  Yes, I took both.  I needed to relax.  And I don’t feel like you get “clean” in the bath so then the shower.  Clean, comfortable clothes after more than a day in the clothes I wore to the hospital.  Home is  Sebastian.  Home is Max.  Home is that feeling like things are “okay” (even when they are really on edge).  I worry about the coming week… working,  meetings, school for the boys, cooking and laundry, and most importantly taking care of Philip so he can heal. Yikes… push that back and just get some sleep.  One day at a time.

Sidenote and a story. I had to stop at Wegmans to get 2 prescriptions filled for Philip and pick up some sherbert and a few groceries.  So, needless to say sometimes it seems like nothing is every EASY.  I drop them off, she says 20 minutes, I shopped, I went back to the pharmacy and… one of the meds are not in stock, they won’t have it until Monday.  Sigh.  Almost breakdown.  This is the medicine that is supposed to take the place of the thyroid (I’m sure I didn’t describe it right but… you get the point… it’s important).  So… fantastic.  Walk away feeling overwhelmed.  Reality smacks me in the face at the fact that the store is jam packed and the lines are really, really long.  Fantastic… Philip’s in the car.  So daydreaming I head towards the 15 or less lane and pray that’s all I have.  When someone familiar looking says, “Renee.  Linda from Dr Violante’s.”  (my dentist)  She proceeded to tell me how we have a Facebook friend in common and how she didn’t know that Philip had cancer and she read my blog and thanked me for the post I wrote about Dr Violante’s office! And how she related and how she and another woman in the office had recently had breast cancer at the same time none the less.   Overwhelmed to say the least. Stupid cancer.   Took everything in my power to not break down right there in crowded Wegmans.  Thank you Linda for sharing with me.  Sucks to share the journey with so many but it is solace.

Until tomorrow…
Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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