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Community Service – Day 120

Community Service – Day 120

By Renee Bodkin


Maybe you’ll notice a theme in my writing or the lives of the Bodkin Family.  We believe in community service.  I am grateful that I am called to this and I am grateful that I am able to give service.  And I am grateful that I am able to teach my children through example the importance of being called to service.  In life, in the community, in the church, in whatever manner you are called… service is special.  Too often people are so self-absorbed that they don’t take the time to serve.  To help others. 


This past weekend was jam packed.  I could have easily – so easily – said that I don’t have time.  But in reality, you have time when you make the time. 


So… this weekend (Saturday morning) was Niagara Fall’s Annual Beautify Niagara.  Groups from all over the community go out and clean up the neighborhoods.  Our Cub Scout Pack has made this service project a priority annually because it shows the boys how easily you can help and make a difference. 

We meet at a corner in our neighborhood and proceed throughout the neighborhood picking up trash.  It worked out very well because our Pack is chartered through our church so we took a bit extra time around the church so it was neat and tidy for the First Communion Mass later that day.  So… our neighborhood had less trash and litter thanks to our little group of boys and their families!!  This picture doesn’t include all of the families… a couple left a tad earlier before we gathered to take the picture.

Beautify Niagara
Grateful for service! Grateful for the families who came out and helped!


Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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