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Transportation – Day 130

Transportation – Day 130

By Renee Bodkin

As I read Facebook today, I read about a friend’s  car troubles and the cost of fixing the car.  I read about a flight being canceled and having an extra layover on a vacation.  And… it came to me (as often it does)… like this… BAM!

I am grateful for TRANSPORTATION!

Cars, SUVS, Trucks… whatever your vehicle of choice may be… it’s bound to cause you headache and hurt your wallet from time to time.  And those times we curse these lovely vehicles.  But when do we show our gratitude for this transportation?  Each day when it gets us where we need to go?  Not likely.  We just get where we’re going and that’s it.  So today after reading these “vents” about annoying transportation issues… I got in  my car and was GRATEFUL for it!  The tire that has been losing air since before Easter break and all.  It still gets me where I’m going!  


Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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