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Day 46 – And The Winner Is…

Day 46 – And The Winner Is…

By Renée Bodkin

As I said yesterday, today was Pack 816’s Pinewood Derby Day!!  The Bodkin Family’s 7th derby.  I’ll share a little bit of history here… the Bodkin Boys make their cars with love and heart and effort.  We stress the Cub Scout Motto – DO YOUR BEST.  Because honestly, we don’t make the speediest or fanciest cars.  And that’s okay.  Last year was a challenging year because Ben’s car’s wheels were on crooked so it barely crossed the finish line. This year we had a dad from the pack (who knows how to do it well) help the boys out putting on their wheels so they would hopefully go straight and fast would be a bonus.  In case you missed the picture of the cars… here it is again!

pinewood derby cars

So… the cars look great.  The wheels seem to be on well.  And we were excited for a fun race day!! Check out all the awesome cars lined up on the super cool track that Lucian’s Bear den made!!   So many creative cars — winner for most creative was a fish tank!

Derby Cars

Well… the Bodkin boys were overjoyed when heat after heat each of their cars respectively crossed the finish line FIRST!

This is Ben and Dad waiting for Ben’s car to race…

Ben and Dad

FIRST PLACE…. YES!!  Notice his fist pump!  Love a happy boy!


Lucian was the Bear Den Champion!

Benjamin was the Webelos II Den Champion!

Ben with Gapa ready to race.

Ben and Gapa

And… for the overall pack championship…

Lucian got 2nd place and Benjamin got 3rd place!!

Ben and Luc

It is not about winning… we say this each and every year… but what an awesome experience for them to do this well (especially this year after the stressful year we’ve had)!!  So… I am grateful that the boys’ cars did so well!!

Sidenote — I am also so grateful for all the parents, grandparents, leaders, and the track guys who helped make this event a huge success!!  We had 20 Cub Scouts racing cars today!!  FUN TIMES!!


Until tomorrow…
Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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