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Day 59 – Training and Celebrating

Day 59 – Training and Celebrating

By Renee Bodkin

I am grateful for a day filled with purpose – Training and Celebrating. 

I spent much the day – 8 AM to 4 PM at Niagara University with Philip and 9 Boy Scouts from Troop 630 (Sebastian’s Grand Island troop.  We participated in a training day with about 120 other Boy and Girl Scouts and some of their leaders for Emergency Preparedness.  What a purpose-filled day.  I learned a lot.  And most importantly, the boys learned a lot.  In this scary world that we live in, too many people are ill-prepared for natural (and man-made – as the boys pointed out) disasters.  They spent the day learning useful preparedness training as well as participating in breakout sessions split into groups where they met new kids and worked together.  They did a team building exercise to get to know their new “friends”.  They did a  mini-group lesson about how to “prepare, respond, recover, and mitigate and prevent emergency situations” then they came back to the large group and one person from each group presented the information from their small group.  Here’s a picture of Sebastian presenting for his group.

 Seb E-Prep

They learned about how to use a fire extinguisher and got a demonstration outside (brrrrr cold).  Then in their small groups they practicing how they’d work with a buddy to put out a fire with a fire extinguisher.  The last break out small group session they worked on splinting limbs and then transporting an injured person.  They learned lots of ways of transporting a person who is unable to walk. 

All in all, it was an excellent experience.  They gained so much experience and information.  After the long winter we’ve had it was nice to talk about being prepared in case of a blizzard or snow storm.  I know many of these boys are planning to create a 72 hour kit for their households so they’ll be better prepared in the future in case of an emergency!


After the day long training session, Philip, Sebastian and I went out to dinner at Fuji Grill with family and friends!  We were celebrating Philip’s best friend, CJ’s birthday!!  And as luck may have it, his sweet fiancé, Amanda’s birthday, too!  They share a birthday… how fun is that!!   The food there is so good and it was so nice spending time with family and friends! Here’s a picture of CJ and Amanda.  And a picture of Sebastian and his sushi (my foodie)!

CJ and Amanda

Seb Sushi

I am grateful for this great day!!  And for Gapa who spent the day with Lucian and Benjamin (they ran lots of errands and went to dinner at  the Comic Café Pizza Place so they had a great day, too!!

 Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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