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Day 60 – Acts of Affection

Day 60 – Acts of Affection

By Renee Bodkin

I am grateful today for Acts of Affection.

A hand to hold.  Arms to embrace.  A soft touch.  A sweet kiss. 

These are all examples of acts of affection which remind me of the importance of touch.  And remind me… as it should remind all of us of being grateful for these acts of affection. 

I was reminded of this as my sweet Lucian grabbed my hand during mass today and placed it around his back.  Then when we joined hands in prayer during the Our Father.  When we offered each other the sign of peace… shaking hands with loved ones and strangers in church wishing them that simple phrase, “Peace be with you.”  As Sebastian, almost a teenager, leaned his head into me for the kiss I often place atop his head. 

My reminder for today –  my gratitude for today – take time to pat someone on the back or shoulder, plant a kiss on your mother’s cheek, hold your spouse’s hand while riding in the car.  These simple acts of affection warm our hearts.

Until tomorrow…

. Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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