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Day Five – Church School Message & Alone Time

Day Five – Church School Message & Alone Time

Back to the routine of life today.  Church school this morning.  I teach fifth grade. 

I’m going to be honest here.  I have mixed feelings about being a catechist.  It’s a time commitment.  And anyone who knows me knows that my time is already spread quite thin.  Sunday is the only day I wouldn’t “have” something.  The thought of not being committed to something at least one morning a week is appealing. 

But there is something about sharing my faith and using my “gift” of teaching that draws me in each year.  So, every Sunday morning my alarm goes off and instead of just dropping my boys off to church school and getting an hour of peace and quiet, I dig deep (even when sometimes I may not “feel” like it) and give an hour to teach 15 fifth graders about their Catholic faith. 

So back to today — I get to my desk and the teacher manual and figure out what we’re “learning” today.  Low and behold…

“The Prayer of Gratitude”

And after “The Prayer of Gratitude” the children will discuss and illustrate or write about what they are grateful for and why.


No.  I think not.  A “special message” for me- the catechist who sometimes is less than motivated to go teach. 

(Sidenote for those who may be concerned:  Once I get there, my heart and head are into it —

it’s just getting to that moment that I need a bit of a nudge.)

So for that PRAYER OF GRATITUDE and opportunity to share the important message of why it’s important for us to be grateful each and every day, I am grateful. And throw in a reminder lesson on synonyms since I asked what a synonym for gratitude was and the kids honestly said, “I always confuse those terms!”  Synonym means “the same”.   And the word I was looking for was THANKFUL or THANKS or THANKSGIVING.  We got there.  And they learned.  And hopefully next week when I do a quick check to see if they remember… they will. 


After church school and church, Grandma T came over to watch the boys while Philip and I ran some errands. 

Simply put — I’m grateful for time alone with my husband. 

Even if it’s running mundane errands and attending a wake.

I cherish that time alone with Philip. 

Quality Time

Until tomorrow…
Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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