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Day Four – Sunshine & Bracelets



Day Four – Sunshine & Bracelets


After a couple of dreary weather days I woke up to SUNSHINE

And that word – sunshine – and the word gratitude went hand-in-hand today.

I thought, “Gosh, look how pretty the sun is on the snow and trees over the gorge!”  As I looked out my dining room window debating the “taking down of the Christmas tree”.    Then, I busted into action getting boys ready for the day – breakfast, showers, and all the fun stuff that needs to get done to get out the door and get to bowling on time.  Though, interestingly — as I hustled around —  the sunshine and the feeling of gratitude were not far from my thoughts. 

Fast-forward to 5pm, the sun has set.  And I sigh when I realize that I didn’t get a picture of that sunshine that guided me through my day.  Then I I think… it’s not all about the photos.  It’s about the feeling of gratitude that sunshine gave me.  So, you’ll have to trust me.  It was a glorious and sunshiny sun!  And it was because of this blog and my commitment to it that I had that very conscious feeling of gratitude.


Beautiful Sunshine Sky Sunshine ReflectionThese are two beautiful photos I took this past fall when I went on an awesome Boy Scout campout with Sebastian’s troop.  I am by no means a photographer but I think the beauty seen in these photos can show my gratitude for the sunshiny couple days we had.












As I took down the Christmas tree I was reflecting on this Christmas season.   We enjoyed traditions, family, prayer, friends, gifts, decorations, food and all that the spirit of the season has given us.   I just wanted to take this time today to show my gratitude for two special gifts I received this Christmas. 

My sweet husband and awesome mom each got me a beautiful bracelet and they go perfectly together.

Philip got me a beautiful “Claddagh” Wind and Fire charm bracelet. 

My Mom got me a pretty “Daughter” Alex and Ani charm bracelet. 

Beautiful Bracelets

Until tomorrow…
Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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  1. It was a beautiful day. The sunshine is motivating. I am enjoying reading your thoughts for the day. Cioci

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