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Day Seven – Snow Days & Warmth

Day Seven – Snow Days & Warmth


by Renee Bodkin


I ventured back to work yesterday after a fantastic 16 days off hoping for a “snow day” as the whole East Coast was anticipating this ginormous storm with arctic temperatures, wind chills, and snow on Tuesday. 

Well, the weather and my school district did not disappoint.  The schools were closed and I got to stay home with my family. **And as an added bonus, we get tomorrow off as well.**

I am grateful for these “snow days” because:

  #1 – Who wants to go out in sub-zero temperature?! 

#2 – A day home with Philip and the boys is great.

Weather Screenshot

Look at what The Weather Channel reported was my weather at 6:16AM!! 


All day I just kept thinking – I am grateful for warmth. 

It seems obvious on a day like today.  But really… it was so focused. 

This feeling of gratitude for the warmth of my home. 

The warmth of my family. 

The warmth of the hot shower I took when I got chilled after a 3 minute trip outside with Max. 

The warmth of comfy clothes and fuzzy blankets.

The warmth of breakfast for dinner – waffles and breakfast sausage. 

All day  I kept thinking,

“This gratitude project is working, I am so focused on how fortunate we are.” 


The sun was shining – we didn’t get any snow – just lots of wind.  

Single digits temperatures with wind chills below 20  – all. day. long. 

And I looked out the window and saw this –  

Snowflake patterns had formed on the outside window. 

It is beautiful and it illustrates the beauty and seriousness of how cold it really is.

Frigid Window

Until tomorrow…
Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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