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Day Six – Stuff I’d Normally Take for Granted & Max

Day Six – Stuff I’d Normally Take for Granted  &  Max


by Renee Bodkin


In an extraordinary ordinary day, the word gratitude was on my mind all day.  And the interesting things was that I found myself grateful for stuff I would normally just take for granted.  

“Thank goodness I have good reading comprehension and math practice websites where I can print up some classwork for my students on this day back from winter break.”  

“I’m grateful for the warm soup in the teacher cafeteria on this blustery cold day and the Diet Pepsi for sale in the Teacher Resource Center as that caffeine helped me get through my day.” 

“Thank you God for the roads to not be too horrible after work so I can just get home safely before the ‘big storm’.”  



But *it* came to me – literally I suppose – when I walked in the door after work and errands and was greeted by… MAX.

I’m grateful for our furbaby, Max.  

We always told the boys, we don’t need a dog, we have 3 boys.  And they understood and they took to repeating that when asked if they had a pet, “My parents have 3 boys.  They don’t need a pet.”  So, it came as a surprise to all of us when we spontaneously decided to adopt Max.  We saw his little brother, Louie, on Father’s Day 2012 at my sister, Bonnie’s house.  I came home and gushed about how cute he was and commented that he had a brother.  Philip said, “Go ahead, call.”   And that was it. The rest is history. 

But the big surprise was that I fell in love with the little stinker.    He’s our buddy.  He follows me around.  He greets me when I get home.  He cuddles with us every night.  He’s playful with the boys. 

And he’s part of our family. 


Until tomorrow…
Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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