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Day Three – Hugs, Facebook Funnies, & Cousins


Day Three – Hugs, Facebook Funnies, & Cousins


My “kid quote” and my “grateful for” are one in the same today. 

“Mom, can I have a Hug?” “Yes, yes you can!” (with extended arms)  Interestingly, I got this question from each son and my two nephews!

They oblige then with a sheepish grin then ask again, “Mom, can I have a Hug drink please?”

“Oh, okay… sure.”


I believe I am going to buy Hug drinks more often.  Usually saved for “special occasions” – today being the cousins are sleeping over) but the number of real hugs received today makes me think it may be worth the “investment” on  a more regular basis.

I am grateful for Hugs.





I was thinking today.  Yes, scary concept, I know. 

But I was thinking about what motivated me to start blogging and more specifically start blogging with a focus on gratitude.   

And I realized that I tend to approach life with this outlook: 

When life gives you a challenge it’s how you react and proceed that makes or breaks you

We are all faced with challenges in life – each and every day – face it with a attitude of gratitude or face it with an attitude of gloom.  As much as some days could (and possibly should) be gloom focused – I try – with all my might – to see the positive in whatever I can.  Hence, I am forcing myself – or should I say – challenging myself – to find at least one thing that I am grateful for and share it with you.   

Pity Train


I saw this on a friend’s Facebook page today and felt it fitting (and   amusing, please excuse the bit of “swearing”) and it brings me to my #2 grateful for today.   I’m grateful for Facebook friends –  specifically those who share humor and positive insight regularly.  Thank you if you are one of these people.   In our crazy, busy lives it’s nice to check Facebook and see something amusing, lighthearted, or inspiring.




#3 Cousins.  The boys have had a blast with their cousins.  Playing Wii, playing Trouble (in more ways than the conventional “pop-o-matic”), eating popcorn (withOUT M&Ms though you have to hand it to them for asking), and watching movies. Cozy in “beds” in the boys’ room watching Planes…  CousinsNow we can only hope that the 5 of them fall asleep soon since 2 of them have hockey in the morning and 3 of them have bowling. 

And that’s a wrap for tonight…

Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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  1. Thanx for sharing “the pity train…”!!! Unfortunately I know far too many people who should heed the message!

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