Dream Job

Dream Job

By Renee Bodkin


I “like” this blogger on Facebook – Mrs. Momblog.  Her posts on Facebook resonate with me.  We are both teachers, moms, bloggers, busy, and from Western NY.  This morning she posted this prompt on FB: 

If money or logistics were not an issue, what would be your dream job?


It was fun reading all of the neat answers.  Many of the responses were great.  Truly, the world would be a happier place.  Though I have an issue, per se, with this question.  If money and logistics weren’t an issue I don’t know if I’d *want* to work.  I’d want to travel and educate my boys around the world, I’d want to volunteer and follow my passions, give time (and money) to the causes I believe in.  Work – I wouldn’t use that word.


What could I do that would encompass all of the things that I was passionate about?


I wouldn’t want a “dream job” where I had to be a specific place at a specific time.  I wouldn’t want a boss.  I’d want to be driven by my calling at that moment.  So… maybe my “job” would be blogging about all the good in the world. And all the good and fun I was experiencing.  Sharing my positivity.   Kind of like HONY (Humans of NY).  They share photos and snippets of random peoples’ lives bringing the world together.  Each and every day I see it – in the people I work with, students I teach, Scouting people, church people, neighborhood people, family, old friends, online friends – positivity and hope. Similarities and differences. People who are kind and loving.  Hard-working and creative. Those are the people who need to be acknowledged. 


My heart hurts in my current job as a teacher.  My students *have to* pass exams that are not realistic to their learning ability.  They have to learn stuff that will never be important in their lives.  My heart hurts because my students are being raised without the love of learning.  They don’t respect others.  They don’t respect themselves.  My heart hurts because their morals and values are driven by gossip and drama and what they can get out of others.  How can I change that?  I provide writing prompts asking them to think outside the box.  Explore the concepts of morals and values.  I talk about the “real world” and how kindness and honesty are important.  Unfortunately they don’t buy it.  For the most part.  They look at me like I’m from another planet.  And in their world, I am.   So… although I used to love teaching.  Now, it’s clouded. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t give up.  Though it is surely clouded.  I want my students to experience the people I do – to see that there is hope. 


Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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