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Eagles – Day 133

Eagles – Day 133

By Renee Bodkin

Eagles.  Such majestic birds.  But there is an even bigger, more significant story behind the Eagle for Boy Scouts.  Eagle is the highest rank in Boy Scouts.  Only………..


Today we were fortunate enough to be invited to this young man’s Eagle Court of Honor.  Philip is friend’s with David’s father and I worked with David on Wood Badge staff.  He is a soft-spoken, hard-working, focused young man.  He’s a Venture Scout (hence the green uniform).  He works on the summer camp staff.  You *know* after talking to David that he lives the 12 points of the Scout Oath.   And you *know* he’ll do great things… where ever his path may lead.  The Court of Honor ceremony is reverent and thoughtful.  It was an honor to be in attendance.  Sebastian came with us…. what a great experience for him, as well.   This photo of David and his parents moved me because I can almost feel their pride.


David and Parents

And… then… on the way home Sebastian fell fast asleep.  That was the culmination of a fun-filled weekend!

Seb long weekend


Grateful for Eagles and to be a part of this memorable event for this young man.  Congratulations David… and David’s parents.

Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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