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Family Day at the Movies – Day 39

Family Day at the Movies – Day 39

By Renée Bodkin


Today I was so grateful for the opportunity to get out… just the five of us.  The boys have been looking forward to seeing “The Lego Movie” for what seems like forever.  Philip was feeling a tad better and considering he’s been home bound for over a week now,  he was ready for a family outing.    Not to mention it was the first day in what also seems like forever that we didn’t have something going on.  So, to the movies we went!!

Bodkin Boys Lego Movie

Just getting out and about together was nice but it was a bonus that “The Lego Movie” was awesome!!  Everyone loved it!! Even myself and Philip! 

Dad and the Boys

Until tomorrow…
Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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