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Family Night at the Bisons – Day 128

Family Night at the Bisons – Day 128

By Renee Bodkin

Late night tonight for the Bodkin Family — we went to the Buffalo Bison Baseball Game!!

Philip bought a Groupon so we “had” to go tonight.  We weren’t sure about the weather but hey… worst thing that happens is we get wet.    Good News —- we didn’t (really).

The game was lots of fun… they lost but it was close.  The sky was ominous all around us, it sprinkled a couple times (nothing to get us really wet), and we had a blast!  The boys danced and got on the Jumbotron!  They even did a “re-play” of them because of Lucian’s fantastic moves!!  Oh my gosh… I laughed so hard.  I love that!   Wish I had my phone out to take a picture of the screen.  It was awesomely fun (and funny)!

All in all a great night together.  One more benefit of homeschooling — no worries about getting home past 10:00 — we can make our own hours.

Here are some pictures.  The one is a great picture of the 3 boys.  The others… not so great… but I’m sharing all of them because they crack me up — first Ben photo-bombed Philip and I when we were trying to take a “selfie” (and it was blurry and Philip wasn’t smilin)!  Then the guy behind us was “cheesin'” in our second selfie.  Then… Ben wanted a selfie with me… and ugh… I look blah but he was so happy!  Then… the last is Sebastian’s “selfie”.  So happy.  So fun!

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Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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