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Family Parties – Day 18

Family Parties – Day 18

by Renée Bodkin

I am grateful for my family.  Always.  But today I am grateful for family parties.  I have 3 sisters (in case you didn’t know).  My sisters all have families.  All in all – together we have 9 children ranging in age from almost 13 years old (yikes — Sebastian) down to Georgia who is almost 3 years old.  That makes for some fun family parties!  It is always great to get the cousins together to play and have fun!

Today was Julian’s birthday party.  He turned 8 yesterday! 

 Julian is 8!

I am grateful for this time to get together in our ever crazy, ever busy worlds!!

 Bon, RIch, Julian, Nate

This is Bonnie, Rich, birthday boy Julian, and Nathaniel on this party day!  What a sweet family pic!

The adults got to hang out and visit while the kids do what kids do best — PLAY!!  What a fun evening!

 Happy Bday Julian!


Until tomorrow…
Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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