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Four Seasons – Day 84

Four Seasons – Day 84

By Renee Bodkin


After this long winter.  This very, very long winter.  I pause before I say this.  Pause. 


I am grateful for 4 seasons.  The beauty and majesty of each season and their specific differences.  I am grateful that where I live I get to experience these 4 seasons as well.  I do wish that winter was less long but I am grateful for the changing of the seasons.  I am grateful for the warm sun on a new spring day that finally allows much of the snow to melt.  I am grateful for the chirping birds who are either singing a song or cursing the length of our winter, none the less they are chirping.  I am grateful that in time flowers will bloom and buds on trees will form and make way for green leaves.  


So although this has possibly been the “longest winter ever”, I have hope and gratitude for the changing of the seasons.

Until tomorrow…

. Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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