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Freedom and Those Who Fight to Protect Our Freedom

Freedom and Those Who Fight to Protect Our Freedom


By Renee Bodkin



I am grateful for the freedoms that we have and those who fight to protect our freedom.  So many years ago our forefathers created a document that outlined some basic freedoms that avail us with the opportunities we have today.  Freedom of speech to say as we will, freedom of religion to worship as we would like (or not worship at all if one so chose), freedoms to be an American. 


Veterans and those who currently serve our country  deserve the highest form of gratitude because they exhibit courage, selflessness and strength beyond imagination.  These people give their time, energy, and sometimes their lives for the freedoms and liberties of our great nation. They protect and preserve the ideals and values that so many take for granted. 


So today we humbly thank you for your service and the sacrifices you have made out of duty and honor to our country. 


I am also grateful for the opportunity to teach my boys to show their respect and gratitude on Veteran’s Day (and every day) for those who serve (and served) our nation.  Today, the Bodkin Boys volunteered at a Veteran’s Day Ceremony honoring veterans from our community.


Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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