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Good Health – Day 29

Good Health – Day 29

By Renee Bodkin

First of all, I need to clarify in case anyone was concerned (or cared for that matter).  I am not writing this “365 Days of Gratitude” in any rank or order because if that were the case… I’d have dedicated the first 30 days or so to the top 30 people in my life.  I pick things (or people or ideas or values) as I feel compelled.  So… if I haven’t touched on someone or something that seems like it would be an obvious one, know that I *AM* grateful.  I’m just waiting for a good opportunity or story or picture to highlight said person or experience or whatever. 


I am grateful for my health.  


As Philip’s surgery to remove his cancerous thyroid is looming (this Friday — prayers appreciated), I am quite grateful that I have good health.  Knock on wood, of course.  But at the age of 40, I am in decent health with next to no serious health issues.  One can never know what can happen or what is around the corner but each day I wake up in good health, I thank God!  


And with that, I need to turn my personal focus to preventive health and continue my (what feels like) neverending journey to lose weight.  A battle I’ve had since I was  young.    Just because my health is “good” now, doesn’t mean that carrying around this extra weight is helping me in the long run.  So… the journey continues.  

Until tomorrow…
Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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