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Grammy – Day 72

Grammy – Day 72


By Renee Bodkin

This week is going to be a bit crazy for the Bodkin Family.  As if this year hasn’t been crazy enough.  But… we take it in stride and are Blessed to have family and friends who are here with love and support!!!  Philip has 4 appointments at Roswell this week… the big one being tomorrow as he’ll get radioactive iodine to ablate any leftover thyroid tissues (or cancer).  This means that starting tomorrow he’ll be in isolation from me and the family for a week plus.  So… needless to say we are signing up our most reliable and counted peeps to help.  My Mom and Philip’s Aunt.  Grammy and Cioci.

Today, Grammy took the boys to homeschool gym and swim.  They go to the YMCA every Tuesday for gym and swim with other homeschool kids.   They really enjoy this so I’d hate for them to miss it.  Thankfully, Grammy is willing to tough it out and sit at the Y  while the boys take their classes.  For this, we are so grateful!!

My mom is special.  She is a Grammy to 9 grandchildren.  She doesn’t work.  But each and every day she watches her grandchildren.  She has a packed schedule.  Pick up for “the girls” on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so they can get to dance on time.  Drop off “the boys” to school.  Pick up from school and drop off to “afterschool daycare”.  And then… most every weekend she babysits so my sisters can go out or do whatever needs to get done.  So… I don’t often have her babysit my boys since she’s usually jam packed busy.   I *do* ask her to babysit though when things are tough.  I know she’ll make sure the boys get their schoolwork done and it’s calm and routine.  I am so grateful that she can do this for me because it gives me piece of mind and takes my stress from “off the charts” to “on the charts”.

Thank you, Grammy!!  We love you!


Until tomorrow…

. Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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