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Grateful for 13 Years – Day 86

Grateful for 13 Years – Day 86

By Renee Bodkin


13 years ago today we were Blessed with our first son, Sebastian Charles.  What a life-changing, amazingness this 13 years has given us.  Yes, amazingness.   Sebastian is thoughtful, intelligent, helpful, and kind.  He is quirky, talkative, awkward, and sensitive.  He worries about his mom and dad.  He worries about others.   He is handsome (I know I’m biased).  He is adorable.  His freckles and blue eyes melt my heart.  He’s working on what we like to “joke” with him as his $5,000 smile.  He is an intrinsic learner.  He thrives on learning.  He is an information sucker upper.  He loves to play the trumpet and is a dedicated Boy Scout.  He is a good friend and sometimes a good brother. He’s a headache as he is also a teenager.  He questions authority and grumbles about waking up early. 

But most importantly, he’s Sebastian. He’s our son.  He has taught us so much about life and learning and raising a child and experiencing life.  He’s a Blessing.   I’d like to slow down the next few years as I want to hold on to my little boy.  But then, I’d like to speed up the next few years because I know it’s going to be a challenge.  Decisions about his education, girls, life choices, those are things we – as parents – are never quite prepared for.  But I don’t worry too much because we will learn and grow just as he will, too.


Until tomorrow…

. Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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