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Grateful for a Day to Clean

Grateful for a Day to Clean

By Renee Bodkin

We have been “go, go, go”.  Our lifestyle has always been one where we are busy but now with the new motor home – the Bounder – we are gone and busy and on the road even more.  This weekend was one of the first where we are home with very little on our calendar “to do”.  So, much to the boys’ dismay — we had to tackle cleaning and organizing their bedroom.  They aren’t the neatest or most organized boys in the world.  Who am I kidding??  They are a hot mess!!  They have no issues leaving their empty water bottles on the floor, dirty clothes where they took them off, and Lego sets “in progress” in the middle of the floor.  My eldest has a little secret called “under his bed”.   It’s a scary thing! Not anymore though…  


We tackled the clutter and cleaned!


Therefore, I am grateful for a neat and organized boys’ bedroom. Now, their other room – aka their playroom  – is another story and a project for another day.  I am part of a Facebook group which focuses on cleaning and organizing and some of the “advice” given for kids’ messy rooms is to take toys away or to make them earn their stuff back.  I’m not buying it.  


In response to this fantastic cleaning and decluttering, I now have a couch full of clean clothes that need to be sorted and purged.  I’ll be grateful when I have my couch back!  🙂 


Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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