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Grateful for Chaos

Grateful for Chaos


By Renee Bodkin


As I sit down and reflect on my day, one word comes to mind.  Chaos.  Then I smile because it’s almost funny the chaos in one day.  It’s unimaginable sometimes.  And what is even funnier is that I am grateful for the chaos. 


Merriam-Webster defines CHAOS as: complete confusion and disorder : a state in which behavior and events are not controlled by anything.  Chaos is a noun. 


Interestingly it seems that  LIFE and CHAOS could be synonyms.   One in the same.  Or does chaos define life?  Hard to tell sometimes.


Today was one of those days. 

1. The day started early for me – bloodwork for an appointment later this week.

2. I headed to work — my desk also could be described as chaos since it’s been covered in piles of papers that need to be graded, grades inputted, and handed back to the classes.  Grades are closing this week so it’s now or never time.  Since attendance in my classes are sporadic I thought I’d utilize this time by giving students the opportunity to finish work they never did.  This is all fine and good but this means that my day at work was non-stop “GO”.  

3. After work I met Philip at the storage facility for the Bounder since we were getting it winterized.  All fine and good but the Bounder wouldn’t start.  Nothing. Nada.  Three batteries in that motorhome and not one of them would start the dang thing!  Then… it started.  Randomly and for no apparent reason.  So thankfully we could accomplish this mission. 

4. It is now past 4:30 – which was the time when I needed to have 2 kids at the church for the leaf cleanup (for the pack and troop at St. Raphael’s). Thankfully, Gapa got the boys and the leaf cleanup was well underway by the time I got there.  I helped supervise the “lil ones” since they were getting rowdy (which is all fine and good except for the fact that they were close to a road and I didn’t want any catastrophe). 

5. We moved the group over to the parish center to have some hot cocoa and relax (HA HA HA) before the Cub Scout den meetings started.  But that couldn’t be “easy” because we didn’t have hot cocoa in our storage closet!!  Thankfully one of our awesome pack moms ran home and grabbed her big tub of cocoa mix so all was well. 

6. 6:00 and it’s time to start the meetings.  Boys are lined up and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance when a lil guy “spit up” on the floor.  Yikes.  I headed him to the bathroom and followed close behind.  I peek my head in to see him standing like a statue in the middle of the bathroom – deer in headlights look – with THROW UP ALL OVER THE FLOOR (and wall).  *sigh*  *ugh*  Poor kid.  I got him out, got him cleaned up, and moved on to the “big” cleanup.  Again… thankfully that same mom came to my rescue.  She’s a nurse and vomit doesn’t “bother” her.  So I gratefully handed over the mop and proceeded to be her assistant in the clean up process.  Den meetings seemingly ran okay but I think all of the boys were a tad hyped up and the noise level was greater than usual.  

7. Meetings ended, I locked up, and that was done. 

8. Now… it’s *only* 7:30 and I have no clue what I am feeding my family.  We ended up having grilled cheese and soup.   Any volunteers to cook for my family?  It seems like this is a regular occurrence in my home. 

9. After dinner, I finally sat down and exhaled. 


Grateful that our life is so full that it CAN be chaotic and even more grateful for a day off tomorrow.


Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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