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Grateful for Countdowns – Day 113

Grateful for Countdowns – Day 113

By Renee Bodkin


Truly, I don’t usually wish time away.  Time is fleeting as it is.  But, there are always exceptions to this rule.  Right now is that time.   This has been a long, difficult year.  Both in my classroom and at home.  At this point, I am in need of a break.  A rejuvenating. An energizing.  I need to take the summer and regroup.  I need to re-focus on me.  My weight.  My head.  I need that time with my boys. 

34 days.  34 days of teaching.

43 days. 43 days of work until summer break.


I am so grateful for countdowns.   But then… I just realized this as I was writing (as often happens), I am also so grateful for this opportunity to have the summer off.  I am so fortunate to have the job I do which enables me this opportunity to be home in the summer with my boys.   The best of both worlds.  That’s what I’ve always thought about my situation.  I have a job I like (until the final days when I tend to grow a tad antsy) and I have the flexibility to be home with my boys in the summer.

Did I mention… I am grateful for countdowns.  So grateful that I may even make an “old-fashion” paper chain to give a visual reminder of this countdown.  It may actually help my students stay focused as well since they seemingly are checked out already.  34 days of school.  43 days until “summer vacation”.  Woo hooo!!  Gratitude abounds.

Until tomorrow…

. Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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