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Grateful for Getting Stuff Done – Day 47

Grateful for Getting Stuff Done – Day 47

By Renée Bodkin

Presidents’ Day.  No work for me.  The boys woke up and the first thing out of their mouths was, “We don’t have to do school today do we?”  And I was so kind as to say, “Nope but we are going to get some stuff done.” 

Bah ha ha ha ha!!  Famous last words!!  Sebastian said, “It would have been better just getting school work done!” 

The boys’ bedroom and playroom (also known as Lego War Zone Room) have been miserably neglected.  They are keepers of dirty laundry, garbage (candy and toy wrappers), clean clothes that they neglected to put away, Legos, books, Lego manuals, magazines, water bottles, and blankets!  UGH!!  So… I made a deal with them.  They work for a certain amount of time then they’d earn computer time.  So… off to work we went.  Lucian, Ben, and I up to the bedroom and Sebastian tackled stuff for me downstairs (dishes,  laundry, and vacuuming).  They did a good job and earned themselves a break.  Lunch came and went then we moved on to phase 2 and 3.  First, they put away loads of clothes which I had sorted and folded.  Then, Lucian, Ben, and I went back up to Lego War Zone Room… they were commissioned to gather garbage, books, papers, and games!  Sebastian cleaned the front entrance (swept and mopped).  That, too, was a success!!  Then I finished up for the day by literally sweeping the toys and Legos into 3 separate piles.  At least now, I can walk in there without risking life by stepping on a Lego!


I am grateful for getting stuff done!  In our busy life, it’s so difficult to keep up with the house.  Fortunately, our home is not a pig sty or anything but the clutter can seemingly get out of hand at times!

Until tomorrow…
Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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