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Grateful for Love – Day 44

Grateful for Love – Day 44

By Renée Bodkin

17 years ago this month.  Philip and I started talking.  It wasn’t romantic at first.  It was friendship building.  When we finally met face to face in July of 1997 I think we knew that we would be more than friends.  I think Philip actually knew that I was “the one”.  So, today on this Hallmark holiday of Valentine’s Day… I share my gratitude of my love for Philip.   And my love for my boys.

Philip is one of those self-proclaimed “I celebrate you whenever I want” kinda guys so he doesn’t place much emphasis on this silly holiday.  Fortunately, he really is true to his motto and he does randomly surprise me with flowers or gifts whenever he’s motivated to do so.  So today, he sent me a thoughtful love letter on Facebook for all of Facebook land to see.  And that’s enough.  Because he’s there for me each and every day and we celebrate our love daily with the little acts of kindness and love that are shared.  I am so grateful for my husband, Philip.

1 Corinthians

My boys are my heart.  They drive me crazy!!  They warm my heart.  They inspire me and motivate me.  I am so grateful for Sebastian, Benjamin, and Lucian. 

From My Boys

Until tomorrow…
Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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