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Grateful for Nine Years – Day 114

Grateful for Nine Years – Day 114

By Renee Bodkin


Nine years ago today we were blessed with our 3rd son, Lucian Robert.  I am astonished at how time flies by.  A family prepares for a newborn to come into their lives and literally in a blink of an eye that tiny baby is a toddler.  Blink again and they are running around throwing a ball or reading a book (or throwing it… you never know).  And then… that tiny baby is 9 years old.  He’s making his First Holy Communion this weekend.  How does that happen?

Lucian is a spunky, creative, and loving little boy.  He’s always the one who wants to run errands with me so he can have me to himself.  So he can talk my ear off.  He challenges us.  He’s smart though he’s not too interested in expanding his knowledge.   School work is tedious to him and he’d much rather be drawing, building Legos or creating something.  Random stickers find their way into our house and Lucian finds a use for them!   He’s the typical youngest brother… he drives his oldest brother crazy. Lucian is either best of friends or NOT with his middle brother.  Their bond is serious.  They play hard together.  They do most everything together.  Which can be both good and not so good because they are partners in crime! 

Lucian can often be found outdoors riding his bike or wielding a stick sword pretending to be whatever superhero or fictitious character is of latest interest.  This weekend they were battling for the Hunger Games.  He will play make believe and create stories and scenarios that only he (and his counterparts) can follow.  He’s a collector of Pokémon cards, builder of Legos, and lest I forget creator of Minecraft worlds.  He has battles and knows strengths and weaknesses of his favorite characters… his creativity and genuine, happy outlook are his strengths. 

He brings joy to our lives.  He challenges me to find interesting ways for him to learn.  He’s sweet, mischievous, and most of all loving and I am just so honored to be called Mommy by this awesome little boy!


Until tomorrow…

. Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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