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Grateful for Ramblings and Disarray


Grateful for Ramblings and Disarray

By Renee Bodkin


The house will never be completely clean.  The yard will never be perfectly manicured.   I’d rather spend my time doing meaningful things and making memories.  Sometimes I feel guilty when I get to the end of a weekend (or heck the end of the summer) and that room I wanted to get organized is still in disarray or the weeds have not been trimmed but then I stop and think about what I *did* spend my time on and breath a small sigh of relief because I wouldn’t change a thing. 


Sebastian and I spent the weekend at an Order of the Arrow Service weekend.  It was my Ordeal weekend.  At the end of the 24 or so hours of sacrifice and cheerful service (also known as hard labor – stacking wood, digging post holes, etc), I was inducted into the Boy Scouts honor society – The Order of the Arrow.  It was a rewarding, memory-filled, tiring weekend. 


I got home Sunday morning and would have been content showering and then relaxing on the couch.  But seriously, when does that happen? 


So we grabbed a nice lunch at Panera then went grocery shopping and shopping for a new TV.  Yes, a new TV.  We got home from our extended weekend at Lazy Lakes camping last week — Gosh I love homeschooling and that Philip can work anywhere — and our TV wouldn’t turn on.  *sad face* 

So yes, we checked out a couple TVs “in person” and went home to further research them. 

Throughout the day, I did about 4 loads of laundry, 4 days worth of dishes, spot cleaned the living and dining rooms purging it of kid stuff, spot cleaned the bathroom and helped the boys get their bedroom a bit less “pig-sty-ish” (not to be confused with stylish lol).  I got to the end of my day and was initially frustrated that I have “so much to do” (dusting, vacuuming, organizing my clothes, paperwork always paperwork… the list is endless) but then I realized that there will always be something that “needs to get done” and it’s not worth stressing over it.

More musings and ramblings —

*Each day is a Blessing.  Even the stressful ones.

*Boys will be boys.  They will get dirty, they will wrestle and roughhouse, and they will forget what I said 5 seconds after I said it. It’s okay because although my boys are not perfect, they make me proud to call them mine.

*Learning is all around us.   My boys learn from books and curriculum but some of the best stuff they’re learning in their daily life is from experiences in life. 

*Do what works best for you.  Even if it’s not what others’ are doing and even if it’s taking the road less traveled.  And please don’t judge me for taking that road.  Yes – we homeschool.  Yes – we bought a motorhome.  Yes – we are doing what is best for us.

*Just because I’m doing what is best for me doesn’t mean I think your choice is “wrong”.  

*When you fail, get up and try again.  And start today – even if it’s a tiny baby step.

*Be kind.  Heck… it may seem cliché but seriously the Boy Scouts really nailed it when they created the 12 Points of the Boy Scout Law.

Be Trustworthy.           Be Loyal.                Be Helpful. 

                     Be Friendly.             Be Courteous.             Be Kind. 

Be Obedient.                   Be Cheerful.          Be Thrifty. 

                    Be Brave.                      Be Clean.                 Be Reverent.


That’s all for today.  I’m grateful for my tiredness and my disarray because it is what makes me who I am. 



Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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