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Grateful for Thursday – Day 57

 Grateful for Thursday – Day 57

By Renée Bodkin

Yes.  I am grateful for Thursday because that means tomorrow is Friday. 

It’s been a L.O.N.G.  week. Parent-Teacher Conferences tonight.

Like a school day wasn’t enough… I had a student get suspended again today.

He cheated, then he told me to *F* off and proceeded to sputter the *F* word a whole bunch.

Then he told me to get the *F* out of his face or I’d regret it.


Like I *want* drama in my classroom.

Like I *want* my students to cheat.

Like I *want* to be threatened and sworn at.


 Newsflash… all I wanted was my students to do 5 of the 10 area and perimeter word problems in a 30 minute time period.  Show their work (which means copying 3 of the problems I had already demonstrated on the whiteboard).  My silly theory is that by following along a short lesson, learning about word problems and comprehending what’s being asked then plugging the data into some fairly easy equations, maybe just maybe they’ll gain more than just knowledge of area and perimeter.  They’ll learn that comprehending and following a format helps get answers.  Even in life.  Silly me. Very sad and frustrating.


Then… I got to spend 3 extra hours waiting for 3 parents who were scheduled for conferences.  2 showed up.  Of course, they were parents of good kids.  Kids who do their work.  Try.  Respect teachers.  Have manners.  It’s nice to meet with those type of parents but honestly it’s not necessary.  What’s necessary are conferences with parents of kids who never do work, are disrespectful, and/or those who have unrealistic goals (I’m sorry but if you’re 18 year old is reading at a 3rd grade level, it is unlikely they will become a doctor).  It is not my job to crush someone’s dream but at the age of 18… they need to be led in a realistic direction and with the collaboration of parents and teachers that can happen.

Enough of my rant.  I am grateful today was Thursday because tomorrow is FRIDAY!


Until tomorrow…
Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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