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Grateful I Swim – Day 80

Grateful I Swim – Day 80

By Renee Bodkin

Today I am reminded that I am grateful I can swim.  I used to swim well.  I used to swim for fun and for competition.  It was my sport. My outlet.  I swam in high school then for 2 years in college.  Competitive swimming gave me more than physical strength and skills. It taught me about being a part of a team.  The importance of pulling together.  The importance of committing to something and giving 100% to improve.


So… all the memories of swimming competitively came flooding back today as I had to do the  Pre-Camp Swim Test for summer camp (for Scouts).  It was just 4 lengths of the pool… thankfully, I have enough endurance and strength to do it – even with ease – despite the fact that I am sadly out of shape.  I wasn’t looking forward to this… it was 8:00 at night after a long, long day but it was still better than having to do the test at summer camp in the lake while on the “First Day Tour”.  So… in I went!  And although it was only 4 laps, it was refreshing.  Peaceful.  Like talking to an old friend, leaving off where you last did, with just some catching up to do.


Today.  At the end of a super busy, super packed day… I am grateful I swim.

Until Tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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