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Gratitude Impacts Attitude

Gratitude Impacts Attitude

By Renee Bodkin


It is evident that I’m a stinky daily blogger.  At this point in time.  Maybe someday I’ll find a routine that facilitates daily blogging.  Right now is not necessarily that time.    Though one thing is for sure – Gratitude Impacts Attitude.

That was the phrase that popped into my head as I was driving home from errands and I was thinking – I NEED TO BLOG. 




I’ve been in a funk of sorts lately.  No tangible reason.  Just me in a funk.  But that changes when I start to think about what I could write about for my “365 Gratitude”.  Hmm… interesting concept.  Makes sense that when things were really, really rough at the beginning of the year I held it together because I was too busy being grateful for all the good in my life to have daily pity parties for all the stress in my life.


Today I am grateful for my Philip and my boys.  Although they drive me crazy like you can’t imagine they are my constant. 

Nights up too late to even note the time with Philip because misery loves company.  The stupid pain he has from his neuropathy and stupid lasting side effects from the radiation he went through create for hellish nights – – I’m grateful he has me and I can be there for him when it’s almost too much to handle.   I’m grateful that he is well enough that he can go out to Camp Scouthaven and help out a friend once a week simultaneously giving Ben the opportunity to volunteer and step outside his comfort zone at camp. 

I’m grateful for Sebastian.  God help him and God help me as he is now a teenager.  His want for independence yet his challenging ways are surely going to make us both better people as we adapt and learn this new, unchartered road called “the teen years”.

Seb and Ben


I’m grateful for Lucian.  He’s my buddy.  He goes everywhere with me.  He’s a pain as he feels he needs each and every toy and his favorite phrase this summer has become, “It’s only $10.”  (Or fill in the dollar amount).  It’s less about the money spent and more about the fact that you can’t have everything you want in life at a snap of the fingers.  Have you heard about Deferred Gratification?!  If not, watch Sebastian’s video about it.  🙂    Ben and Luc

I’m grateful for my Benjamin.  Almost 11 years old, we dropped him off for his first week as summer camp as a Boy Scout and he made me so proud.  He came home motivated to excel and grow as a Boy Scout.   And when he saw me for the first time after those 6 days away — he ran up to me, threw his arms around me and wouldn’t leave my side.  He cuddled into me for much of the closing campfire sharing snippets of his awesome week as the closing campfire officially ended their week at summer camp. 



Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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