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Home – Day 20

Home – Day 20

by Renee Bodkin

After a long weekend. 

                             A long, fun weekend. 

                                                            A long, stressful (at times) weekend. 

                                                                                                               A three day weekend. 


I am grateful for home.   


As much as being out and about and going on a  mini-vacation is awesome —  Coming home is a great feeling.

I had that overwhelming feeling of gratitude as I:

  • Pulled into the driveway
  • Walked up my own walk (even though it’s terribly snow covered)
  • Walked in the door to Max jumping all over me and following me around for the rest of the night
  • Over-flowing laundry
  • Dishes left in the sink
  • Dinner needing to be cooked
  • Tomorrow needed to be prepared for 
  • Blog needed to be written
  • Boys needed to be sent to bed (thank God for homeschooling because tonight’s a late night)

All of it… I’m grateful for.  Why?   Because it is home. 

Boys Relaxing at Home

Oh yeah, fast internet.  I was a tad frustrated (and probably over-tired and water logged) last night when I tediously logged in at Great Wolf Lodge at 11pm, painstakingly (because of the ever-slow connection) wrote a blog only to not get windows open, photos uploaded then when I finally pushed “PUBLISH” (albeit without photos and much formatting) —  Everything I typed DISAPPEARED.  So… fast and reliable internet at home is what I am also very grateful for. 


Until tomorrow…
Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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